Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Child Custody Court Hearings - What to Expect at Your First Custody Hearing

Nothing puts a knot in the pit of your stomach in quite the way the way that going to a custody hearing at family court does. One of the most frequent questions I see is "What should I expect?". Well if you haven't been there or your last palpate was bad, then you will want to spend some time educating yourself about what happens and how you should both get ready and act.

Unless you are nearing the end of your court journey and heading to village conferences and the like, you will ordinarily have about 15 minutes or less. Excuse me, but that 15 minutes is for your hearing, not the number of time that you get to speak. By the time the judge speaks, your ex speaks and then you get to have a say you're finding at about 5 minutes.

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So your life and your child's fate all comes down to how you spend your 5 minutes. Think about that for just a moment. You have so much to say and if you put yourself in front of a total stranger for 5 minutes, do you think they would see your side? Maybe. And now let that total stranger get 5 minutes with the ex telling them what a horrible someone you are. What do you think will happen? Most people aren't optimistic at this point. I mean how are you going to maybe account for all of the ugliness that your ex can put out in 5 minutes?

So now that you're convinced no inherent good can come from this hearing, let's look at the title again. "What to expect at you first custody hearing". You see the scenario above is what could happen if you don't prepare. But what would happen if we did things a bit differently.

Take the case of a man I just helped get ready for his hearing. He was terrified that his ex was going to leave the state with his child and he would not be able to see her. You see she had remarried and was going to relocate to a forces base. This wasn't a threat, this was a foregone conclusion. He was desperate and knew that arguing wasn't going to get him what he wanted.

He was right to be scared and certainly definite that he would not perform whatever by arguing. So what I did was taught him to focus his 5 minutes on the issue of his case. No matter what the ex accused him of or how she tried to convert the conversation, he was to bring it back focus on not intelligent his daughter out of state.

When the court date came mum made some rather awful allegations about father and when the judge asked father what he understanding of them, father responded, "these issues have no bearing on this motion". The judge agreed and chastised mother. After that it was all downhill for mum and all uphill for father. They were ordered to estimation and father was awarded temporary custody in the event that mum should need to move before estimation was not yet complete. You see, what you need to expect is that the court will hear what you have to say. So select what you want to talk about and focus your 5 minutes.

Child Custody Court Hearings - What to Expect at Your First Custody Hearing

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